About YT

About Yingtong

Shanghai Yingtong Electric Co., Ltd. core team formed in 2009, the company was founded in March 2014,is a focus on power energy related products and services of high-tech enterprises.With the mission of "promoting intelligent, convenient, efficient and clean use of power energy ", Yingtong has realized product serialization, optimization of supply chains and service standardization with accurate strategic planning and solid talent strategy, so as to meet the needs of customers in different fields, such as smart grid, power quality, power automation, power energy saving, motor transmission, new energy generation, etc. Strive to achieve" talent gathering, concentric win-win, become a first-class electrical system integrated solution and service provider "enterprise vision.

We insist on customer-centered, launch "active power filter, static reactive power generator, three-phase load imbalance automatic regulation device, power energy storage system, energy efficiency management system" and other main products; synchronous provision of project design, spot investigation and testing analysis, after-sale installation and commissioning, product customization, equipment maintenance and other customized services.